Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black Coffee, and Prozac, and Cocktail Rings...THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! today I was playing waitress during a VERY SLOW lunch shift. I said out loud "I want to make 100 dollars...I am 'secreting it!' " (for those of you who don't know what The Secret is, it is some book where you 'vision' these things you want and put them out in the universe. I actually never read it but my bat-shit crazy ex-roommate Renee is obsessed with it and sometimes I like to 'secret' things just to be an a-hole) co-waitress, Chris, informed me (I think he actually read the book) that I had to then list 5 things I am grateful I said "THAT WILL BE MY BLOG TOPIC!"
1. MAC Spice Lipliner
I have been wearing this for YEARS. I love it love it love it. I constantly have 2 in my possession at all times. When I cannot find my lipliner I get a little intense. Once I ripped the lining out of my purse in a frantic search for my pencil of life. I really think this cosmetic masterpiece is actually a Harry Potter/Willy Wonka magic wand because no matter what lipstick you pair it with, it ALWAYS looks the same. Magical.
2. Black Coffee
I used to go to Starbucks and order "Grande Non Fat Sugar Free Hazelnut Latte with and Extra Shot of Espresso" (That was before these 'skinny' latte things were invented...) Then I realized that I was "that person" and I was broke, and lazy. Bottom is much cheaper/quicker/and Barista friendly to just say BLACK COFFEE. Then I started feeling like a bad ass. Everyone else needed cream and sugar, but not me, I was the bad ass taking the risky java road of simplicity.
3. Bette Midler
My idol. The Divine Miss M is my ultimate FAVORITE album. Her phrasing in "Am I Blue?" is heartbreakingly perfect, and her performance as CC Bloom in Beaches reminds me that I DO have a soul.
4. My Black Silk Dressing Robe
When I get ready in the morning I like to wear a black silk robe. Preferably while my rollers are setting and my facepaint is drying. I think it is more lady-like and I also like the way the fresh morning breeze flows through....i mean....wait...
I think my friend Alicia said it best. Once before a show I walked onstage with my rollers/makeup/robe...she looked at me and without skipping a beat said "Nomi Malone, you're a star".
(for those of you who do not know who Nomi is...she is the character played by Elizabeth "Jesse Spano" Berkley in the cinematic masterpiece 'Showgirls')
5.The Original Broadway Cast Recording of "Aint Misbehavin'"
I don't know. It came on my iTunes the other day and I forgot how WONDERFUL it really is. I mean Nell Carter's rendition of 'Mean to Me' leaves my speechless and I always start shimmying during the opening number. Then I started you think that "Fats" Waller ever got sad and cried in his room alone because he secretly hated being called "Fats"......
So those are 5 things I am thankful for today....I am sure it will change next week...well not the Spice Lipliner. I am in an LTR with that one.